Since 2013, Peak Living has offered exceptional real estate management services to conventional, affordable, senior housing, and student apartment communities.


Our goal: Change the way the industry does business.


At Peak Living, our employees love where they work. We empower them to lead with confidence and connect their solutions to the future. By constantly challenging assumptions about individual markets and the broader industry, we offer incomparable innovation. Our management clients would speak of our industry-leading accounting and reporting methods.


Peak residents love where they live and will tell you how they appreciate the technology we provide to streamline their lives. From digital lease signing to online work order submission and online payments, we offer residents the flexibility that only the most advanced technology can provide. And this is just the beginning.


             "Peak residents love where they live...”


Peak Living is uniquely positioned for growth: Its primary client, Peak Capital Partners, grows more each day through acquisitions. Our entrepreneurial spirit has expanded throughout the continental United States and is backed by over 30 years of combined property management and investment experience in the executive leadership team alone.

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Peak Living’s Areas of Expertise

Peak Living is a full-service real estate management company overseeing conventional, affordable, and student apartment communities in growth markets across the United States. Peak Living provides unparalleled management services resulting in superior asset performance. Peak Living is uniquely positioned for growth as its primary client, Peak Capital Partners, continues rapid expansion through acquisitions. Peak Living approaches every asset with an owner’s mindset which results in strong financial performance along with asset quality enhancement.

Peak Living currently offers clients the following services:

       Property Management

  • Revenue Management

  • Expense Control

  • Full Scale Multi-Family Operations

  • Budgeting/Forecasting

  • Employee Improvement Training – Online Education

  • Online Technical Support

  • SEO/Online Presence

       Construction Management

  • Construction Project Management

  • Capital Needs Assessment

  • Capital Expense Management


  • Strategic Acquisition and Development

  • Due Dilligence

  • Marketing Analysis and Outreach Support

       Asset Management

  • Asset Valuation

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